Sunday, August 24, 2008

A long awaited update

Did i mention I did a blog clean up? This space is quite empty.

Been a busy bee and this blog is being ignored. The 9-5 gig is really killing me. I think I've reached a stagnant point and I need a change of pace and environment. But that's a different story and I'm trying to do something about it slowly but surely.

While I'm in that process and to compensate before I go insane, I've been taking on projects and activities that I really enjoy doing...and it either has to do with art, sunshine, learning...or some sort of moving activity. I can never stay in one place.

I'm working on a secret project and trying to get it done before December...I didn't think it was this time consuming but I think my efforts will be worth it. Stay tuned.

Hubby and I, along w/ our friends, have a Dragonboat race competition in Oct. Can't wait for's a lot of fun..but not fun being splashed with the Schuylkill River and smelling like sewer right after. Don't be deceived by the picture. The water seems deadly.

There are other things we've been doing as well but that's saved for later posts.

For now, enjoy some vanity care of the husband...we were bored. Can you tell? Shots and edits done by me.

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Robin and Emz said...

wow! great shots! looks like it's done by a pro. just curios.. what's the secret project about?